Don’t Believe the Hype: The Ugly Truth in Beauty Magazines

I’ve refrained from posting for a long while because of many reasons. Many things occupy my time and quite frankly much of the things we’ve been seeing is very alarming, disturbing, and in need of an overhaul. We have many issues to sort through, both in the world in general and in our very homes.
Just like The Wizard of Oz, once you’ve had a peek behind the curtain and the truth is revealed it can be very enlightening AND Empowering to make the changes from all the“insanity”.
How many of us even know this very truth? How many of us ALL in this world walk around with poor self-confidence, believing the “popular” and unhealthy way of life. “Vote” and Empower yourself with your money.” Don’t buy these “propaganda-pedaling” thought,opinions and ideas.
Please watch.Our children are watching everything around them. Then they pick up these skewed ideas, and thoughts. For the Benefit of Future generations, Please become aware of what we are being force-fed to believe. It is based entirely on lies made to make you feel “less-than”, worthless, shameful, and tells us we’ll never be good enough.
PLEASE WATCH THIS shocking video about the ugly truth hidden in beauty and fashion magazines. Our children are watching and believing this nonsense.

Thank you for reading this post and watching the video.



Credit Information:
Music: Muciojad – Before I Sleep (Oskar T. Brand remix) available at
Thanks to for allowing me to use their Body Evolution video.


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