Hot Topic

Hello Everyone!

Today I find myself in a space of Raw and Vulnerable Authenticity.

I have been pacing back and forth working out a way to calm the volcano of emotions in my Being, Rationale in my Brain, and the Burning Passionate Desire to Wave some “Magic Wand” and Make Everything Better for EVERYONE!

So many issues; so much pain; so many manipulations; so much SEPARATION, anger, and frustrations amongst the HUMAN RACE.

I usually do my best to hone in on the Beautiful, Wonderful, and Uplifting “Silver Lining” to our reality. I truly want to “Be the Change I wish to see in the World.”

Then, the realization that we are currently living in a “Bizarro World” as if we’re celebrating “opposite day” every day hits me like a Mack Truck.

POW!!! Right in the Kisser.


So from this space I write the following, because these words will resonate with many.
I know it. I can FEEL it!

One of the topics up for discussion every day is Vaccines. This topic is such a trigger for so many and rightfully so. Please know I don’t wish to incite any type of hostility here.
I’m merely doing my best to express my truth, “my opinion”, and perhaps some seeds of empowerment, realization, and encouragement.

Toxic overload is a real thing. Babies losing skills, losing language, and no longer making eye contact etc. Then, the child which you could look into their eyes and see them looking back at you, now suddenly, is no longer there…as in the lights are on but nobody’s home.

NO ONE can tell me I imagined this.  This is what happened.

Yes, vaccines can and have helped. However, Look at how many are perfectly fine without the use of vaccines. No one size “fits all”.
Every one is different. I saw the light in my child’s eyes leave…he was no longer there. I heard him lose language. He went from speaking to grunts, flapping his hands, lining up toys, Behaviors, melt downs, and anger bursts for no reason.

All I am saying is that not everyone is “built” the same way.
We are all one, yet our specific DNA and body’s functions differ from person to person, child to child.

What works on one may not work for another or even have different affects.

Some of us have allergies. Some of us are diabetics. There is a disorder, disease, dysfunction for just about every person on this planet, yet that’s a topic for another post at another time.

I know and speak to many moms who absolutely feel that vaccines did not cause autism in their children. That’s true for them. I totally respect that. This, however, is not true in our (vaccine injured) situation.

To say that these vaccines will affect everyone exactly the same is false.
I can say that from 21 years of experience. I saw what I saw and experienced what I experienced.

I’m not here to dispute that vaccines have helped or not. I simply stating what I experienced and am encouraging everyone to do their due diligence and research before doing or not doing anything.

Please Inform yourself and Empower yourself. You have the ability and you do have a CHOICE for your own family. Don’t take anything at face value.  Make the decisions for yourselves and don’t force your beliefs on others.

In Conclusion, All I’m advocating for is to Inform yourself.

Then: Action With Knowledge Becomes the Ultimate Power!

There is nothing more POWERFUL than an informed People.
The more We KNOW the Better We Do.
Then We can Be the BEST version of Us that We can Possibly Be.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your input and opinions.

Have a blessed day.

unconditional love


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