Hello Everyone!

millions for the world
Today, I write this piece from a somewhat raw heart space. This blog was born in an effort to create awareness in all that was corrupt. My desire was to vent the anger, outrage, and feelings of manipulations and inform at the same time in a positive way. Eventually I found myself dragged under by all that was unjust. Giving attention to all of that was just too much to bear.

As much as it was overwhelming, clearing, self-care, and doing the internal work was necessary for my personal growth. During that time and a few more times I’ve fallen silent to allow myself the time to work through and navigate my own personal work. I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve grown, shifted, expanded awareness, have found a new feeling of peace, however, the “craziness” of this world is still here and gets crazier every day.

Firstly, Let me begin by saying, there’s much work to be done. However, please know there is so much going on. New technologies concerning health, water, energy, and much more are growing and popping up in many places. MSM will not tell you all these advances, for the obvious reasons, they want you to stay in fear. I won’t allow that…Not on my watch!

So this being said, From this day forward, We will be sharing new technologies and advances already being worked on. So many problems, and people are in fear because they think there’s nothing we can do about any of it. That’s what I thought too.

There are new jobs, the ones making decisions aren’t going to create it for us. We must be Pioneers. We do have the choice. Empower Yourself. Take back your Free Will Choices. “Vote with your Dollar”. Look at all the organic foods being advertised. This is but one example. You create a demand for something and they will come.

There is strength in numbers!
Let your Loud Empowered Voices Be Heard!
Follow the money trail and Question Everything!
Our Future Generations are Counting on our Awareness and Action!

Thank You. 🙂
With Heartfelt Compassion,
Serendipity Bee


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