Critical Mass: Is it Happening?

Hello Everyone!

Can You Feel It?…
Yet Again, I ask…
Can You FEEL IT?

Fire Works,
A Welling Up of Energy from Your High Heart??!!??


There’s so much coming to the surface. From every which way, we’re seeing the exposure of all the nasty things going on here, at home, and all around the world.  It seems as though “nothing is safe”. We live in a crummy world (to put it nicely).

However, I offer this comparison:
The only way to know you have a cockroach problem, is to see the roach first. Then we take action to removing said pest.

If this is the case, then we must know and have an awareness of the situation. If we choose to be in denial, then you’re overrun with “bugs”.

With this being said and without going into details, there have been so many videos and posts telling the stories of slaughter, abuse, violence, and manipulations.

So many, that at times I’ve had to take a step back from social media because all of this stimulation hurts me to the core. I can feel the pain and suffering on this earth, and yet I know no ones pain…duality.

You see, All these things need to be known. Through awareness we can put our foot down and DECLARE:  NO! NOT ANYMORE! Not on my Watch!!!

At times This is my spirit. My warrior screams out in anger and in pain. Enough I say…ENOUGH!!! From the microcosm to the macrocosm….I declare ENOUGH.

In a FB post, a friend sounded off my exact sentiments…

“Sometimes I see these posts and cringe when I scroll past. I honestly don’t want to read about all the negativity in the world and how it is affecting millions of people who may benefit. I also don’t want to read about the corruption in our government or the greed and ignorance among the big corporations that run our country. But there are moments when the cup runnethover and simply cannot ignore what I read. I am sharing not because I think those reading my page are ignorant and need this i formation, but I am Sharing my point of view because I am so tired of being lied to in the country. I am tired of seeing failing vaccines but the government push them. I am tired of seeing cures for illnesses and the government suppress them. I am tired of seeing simple food gardens being ruled illegal. I am tired of our air quality diminishing, our bee population decreasing, the water quality finishing. I am SCREAMING NOW STOP! I WANT THE TRUTH. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT THE TRUTH AND I WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO STOP FEEDING THE BIG CORPORATIONS AND SERVE THE PEOPLE – THAT IS WHAT OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON.”


My friend hit it on the nose.
What’ more, I believe those words are how the Collective feel right now.
First we acknowledgethere is a “problem” for there to be Awareness.

Then, when Awareness comes, Change Begins.
We see a video of the Incredible moment orangutan kisses pregnant woman’s stomach

And another video of a Humpback Whale Showing AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets.

namaste tiger baby
I’ve seen many videos showing the beautiful and connected Side of all Beings. Awareness, Information, Connection, Outrage, Love, Peace, War, Politics, hypocrisy, Corruption…

We Breathe Oxygen…We all bleed Red.
When $#!+ hits the fan,
We’re all that we have for one another.
Can’t we see that Dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and cavemen aren’t here, they’ve grown extinct. What makes us think the same can’t be for us.

Earth will restore Herself…
Where will Humans Be?

Like a tsunami.
It can’t be stopped.
One Way or Another..
No Matter What has been
Change is Coming…

To borrow a few words from Pharrell
“Man’s red flower
It’s in every living thing
Mind, use your power
Spirit, use your wings
When a baby first breathes
When night sees sunrise
When the whale hops the sea
When man recognizes
Emerging, Killer Whale
Atoms in the air
Organisms in the sea
The sun and yes, man
Are made of the same things

All Creatures great and small. The Lord made them All!

All Creatures great and small.

I believe what we are seeing is the tipping point.
The More Aware we are, we begin to make “better choices” and paradigms change. Case in point, there is no more cocaine in coca-cola and we don’t drive horse drawn buggies anymore. Changes are inevitable. “Once you know better, You do better.”

We are Powerful Creators once we Empower Ourselves with Knowledge based in Heart.
The Collective is starting to ask the important question “WTF?” when they see the craziness out there. And now they’re putting their foot down. We are at the tipping point.

Many are “mad as hell, and they aren’t gonna take it anymore!”

I’m here to say, “We’re all born with compassion. Reclaim Yours.”
These words are not my own, however, truer words have never been spoken. 😉

Thank You to My friend, Mystik Maven, Pharrell, All Sentient Beings, The people who made all these videos, and Thank you to the Collective.

Peace Be With Each and EveryOne!



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