Upcoming Reiki and Meditation Complimentary Offering

New Moon Reiki Meditation Offering
Available to All in the Collective
Join us at 12 noon and again at 6 PM (est) On May 17, 2015

reiki anyone
Anywhere you are
Just sit and hold a healing love space ❤
Allow Your Heart Space to Release, then Renew, and
Let’s Grow This Space As Large as We Can!
Can You Feel the Lift in Vibration So Far?
Just before Each Vibrational Expansion we feel this Huge release.
Tears, Pain, Release of Toxins in its many forms, and a feeling of loosing control. However, We find that, after this release, we rest, detox, we crave healthy protein, fresh food, and fresh water. Typically after about 24-48 hours, we begin to emerge into our “temporary new selves”.
Temporary, because these shifts will continue as we continue to shed layers. Thank you and Heartful of Love and Blessings to each of You in the Collective for Helping One another on this Journey. Thank you for “Keepin’ On” Keeping On.
For this Reason, In Gratitude, We Send Long Distance Reiki To All Who Resonate ❤

One Collective Peace Group Meditation 2-10-13 New Moon Grid

Reiki Meditation


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