Take Flight and Be Free

Today, Friday, we are on the eve of the New Moon.
Much Going on in the World,
Across the Other Countries,
In Our Country,
In Our State,
Our City,
Our Neighborhoods,
In Our Homes,
And in our very Lives.
It’s enough to make us feel like we’re drowning.
We want to Fly and Be Free,
But We’re shackled by the ankle to a Huge Anvil.
So many have been working and seeking to release this weight.
And yet, there are so many who have this huge amount of weight on their shoulders. So many having a hard time. Many of us still feel like victims, many feel unsupported on so many levels.

There are so many of us driving our vehicles (our body and minds) on overdrive, when it’s easier to drive it in cruise control.
I’m here to tell you that there’s another way.

Actually, what if I told you that many of us live our lives tuned into one reality?
A reality that’s harsh, conflicted, inauthentic, hostile. What if I told you that it is by design at the hands of another? What if we Opened Our Awareness to Empower Ourselves? What if we had the ability to “see” on all levels? Not only is it possible, It is all around us, happening EVERY DAY!

Like a radio in your vehicle, we can have access to many different stations, depending on where we set the dial. Now we have even more choices to fill our audio needs and pleasures. In the same way signals drop off while speaking to someone on the phone, you can choose to “drop off” someone or something that doesn’t have our best interest at heart. Empower yourself in the knowledge that You have an abundance of choices. Deciding we actually have choices, and making authentic choices, allows a whole new reality to come into Being.

Making authentic choices  births an abundance of opportunities on so many levels, allowing us to live a fuller, richer, freer life starting TODAY!

I can recall a time about 8 years ago. My son was 2 years old. We had moved and hour and a half away to a new city. And as wonderful as it was, it was also the biggest change in my life, EVER! Next to having my son, this was life altering stuff. We were now utterly alone.

I would call my family to come and visit, NOTHING. My Best friend was angry at me, then stopped talking to me all together. Other family members were not very happy with us as well. There were a few that helped. I consider those that did help as Angels because they were there helping from their hearts. It was so hard to move just my hubby and I. The first night, I literally fell asleep while eating my diner…My head– into the plate. My hubby and I moved out stuff (with a 2-year-old in tow) all by ourselves. I lost 10 pounds in 1 week. The Moving van turned in 1 hour late cost us a full day rental. It took me several years to figure out that this experience served as a reboot, a recalibration, a fresh start….Freedom.

Unknowingly, I felt Freedom was scary. All I knew I was alone, the world was mad at me and my own mother wouldn’t come and see me.

I didn’t and couldn’t recognize Freedom.

I didn’t know what freedom looked like and it was staring me in the face.

Now life was on our terms. No one telling us what to do, how to do it, and who to do it with. Life was finally on our terms (aside from work schedules). We visited parks when we wanted to, went to the beach, we found much more time on our hands then we ever had before… Freedom.

So with this, I say, Release all that is not Authentic to You. Free up your schedule, free up your time, Free up and toss out that Anvil strapped to your Ankle.
Take Flight and Be Free.
The stuff that has you down release it.
The stuff you’ve got yourself tangled up in.
Take ownership and take responsibility.
Make a Choice, step into that Choice, Make other Choices…
Make Authentic Choices that You can Get Behind and
Empower Yourself to Greatness.
No One can Do It But You…You must make the Choice.

Then Get Support that Vibes with your Authentic Choices.
Find Your Clan, Others like You that Help Build, Empower and Nurture Your Spirit.
Get rid of the ones that take you down destructive paths and that offer no Support while You Embody a Higher State of Consciousness!
Release what no longer serves you!
Release the toxins!
Release the Toxic Friends, relationships, foods, habits….
Release it All.

Make Authentic Choices.
Take Flight and Be Free!

Breathe FREEDOM!

I love you all with my entire Being!
Have a Blessed Friday, Happy New Moon, And Outstanding Weekend Everyone!

Namaste ❤



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