Autumn Equinox: New Moon Native American Medicine Wheel

New Moon  Autumn Equinox 

This year The Autumnal Equinox falls on September 23.  The Fall Equinox, in the northern hemisphere, is the point at which the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator from north to south.When this happens, it shines equally on the northern and southern hemispheres. The Autumnal Equinox is the day when both night and day are the same length.

Fall is the 4th and final major Sun Cycle of the year and it means a time of changing Focus and direction in our life. From the Equinox, our consciousness moves slowly inward as the nights lengthen and the days shorten.

The new moon, in Libra, occurs on September 23rd at 2:30 am EDT , the day after the Autumnal Equinox.  Because it lies so close to the Autumn Equinox and Pluto turning direct, this powerful New Moon will a wonderful time to meditate and plant the seeds of cooperation and peace at home and in the world.  The harvest themes are big in this year’s Equinox chart: a balsamic Moon (very last phase before the New) indicates that these next three months will be a time of finishing up old business in a mature and timely manner before the Winter Solstice and the new year of 2015. So many celestial events are all creating some serious energetic fireworks  all abounds.

This months New Moon falls on the heels of the Autumn Equinox.

Continuing the theme of all these energies, here’s just one more to add energetic ingredient to the proverbial “stew pot”.
Native American Energy has made its presence known over the last few months. For this past month the messages coming through have been of Earth Healing  and Self Healing through the knowledge, wisdom and natural remedies of traditional  Native and Shamanic practices. This week The Native Indian has been front and center. From messages received from others, to a pinterest feed full of Native American Indians, and messages coming from family and friends, the call had to be heard and brought forth.

So with this in energy in mind, body and spirit this medicine wheel was set for the Autumnal Equinox and New Moon.

Native American Medicine Wheel

Native American Medicine Wheel Elements Directions and Stones

Native American Medicine Wheel
Elements Directions and Stones

In this Medicine Wheel…
The Spirit/Ethers Element is represented with Apophyllite and Selenite with the color White in the Center.
The Air Element is represented in yellow with Hawk, Eagle and other feathers with moonstone crystals to the North.
The  Fire Element is represented in red with a small candle and orange elestial quartz and carnelian gemstone in the East.
The The Earth Element is represented in brown with soil on a heart shaped leaf with magnetic hematite in the west.
The Water element is represented in blue with a small glass of water, a blue calcite crystal egg in the south.

What is the significance of the medicine wheel?

Native American traditions were not based on a fixed set of beliefs or on an interpretation of sacred writings, but on the knowledge of the rhythm of life which they received through the observation of Nature. And what they observed is that there are no straight lines in Nature. All of Nature expresses itself in circular patterns. This can be seen in something as small and simple as a bird’s nest as well as in things much greater such as the cycle of the seasons or the cycle of life (birth, death, rebirth). And therefore, to Native American peoples, the circle or wheel represents Wakan-Tanka (“the Great Everything” or Universe) and also one’s own personal space or personal universe.

What is Medicine?

Native American “Medicine” is not the same as the modern medicine that we think of today. It is not a pill or a procedure or anything else that can be used to improve one’s physical health. When Native Americans refer to “Medicine”, they are referring to the vital power or force that is inherent in Nature itself, and to the personal power within oneself which can enable one to become more whole or complete.

Medicine = energy = power = knowledge

With that being said…
Here’s to Inward and outward Expansion!


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    Hello to all at this very beautiul time. I wish to share this Medicine Wheel / Crystal Grid with you all. The original post comes fro my sister blog One Collective Peace. This offering I make for Growth, Prosperity, Heath, and Peace for All.

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