Electric New Moon and Sunny Solar Eclipse Crystal Grid

Hello and Welcome!
Such Beautiful Energies Abound.
It feels “swirly”, and electric.
Exhaustive, yet so Invigorating.

These Highly Charged vortices  have hit a new crescendo.

What a ride!
From the Spring Equinox to the Grand Trine and
Now this New Moon/Solar Eclipse.
Ah Yes, it is a Great, Beautiful, Exhilarating Time to BE ALIVE!
Breathe It in!!! Feel the Light Fill the Seat of Your Soul.
And RELEASE on that Exhale…Everything that is No Longer Needed.
Release…All that…Release it.

A sneak peek in Our Urban Garden

A sneak peek in Our Urban Garden

Breathe. Deeply. Exhale. Breathe Deeply. Exhale
In this Space of Peace,
Breathe Deeply again Into and Throughout The Seat of Your Soul.

You can feel a Tingle In Your Higher Heart Chakra. Close Your Eyes.
Breathe in this Life Giving Breath.

A Little bit on Today’s Energies.
The Moon will be busy integrating the energy of today’s Solar Eclipse (which began last night). The Solar Eclipse happens in Taurus and brings in fertility and abundance. It’s also an energetically blissful time to enjoy nature and celebrate physical comfort and abundance. It also a good time to start anew.

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired.
Try something new
Start a new project.
Continue to work on an existing work.
Jot Down Ideas in Your Journal.
Take Pictures of Things that bring You Joy
Share The pictures with Someone (or not).

For the Fun Part,
It’s time to Create!!!
We Created this Reiki Infused Crystal Grid, with Intentions for
Growth, Success and Victory!
It is Set with Fertility, Abundance, and Prosperity Crystals.
Time to Energize Ourselves So We May Manifest Our Dreams into Reality.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Crystal Reiki Grid For April 29, 2014 by Wendy Bee

New Moon Solar Eclipse Crystal Reiki Grid For April 29, 2014 by Wendy Bee

Crystals used in this grid:

The Anchoring Citrine Cluster in the Center and the tumbled Citrine Crystals Worked into this Grid were included to Enhance Physical Stamina and Personal Energy. Citrine is known as the Great Manifester Stone. It stimulates the first three (root, naval and solar-plexus) Chakras where Energy becomes Physical.
This is the “Make it happen” Crystal in Your Toolbox. The Citrine in this grid are both natural and common types.

Sunstone is a Stone of Personal Power, Freedom, and expanded consciousness.
Sunstone reflects the qualities of Solar Energies. It brings a sense of abundance in regards to one’s needs. It also assists manifestation of prosperity, acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. Sunstone energizes the second and third Chakras which stimulates creativity, the will and sexuality. This combination can make for some fun and excitement into one’s romantic, and/or artistic expressions.

Satyaloka  Quartz carries the frequency of Pure Spiritual White Light. In this Grid its purpose is to amplify the energies of the other healing stone in this grid.
It carries the rarest of energies in the mineral kingdom. Its purpose is to assist in the vibrational shift, which has already begun, to a new level of self-realization.

A small Amethyst Point was added for enhancement of this grid. It was charged with creating its “Bubble of Light” quality. It is also charged with Creating and energetic shield to ward of negative attachments and influences. Thereby, Keeping the energy of our grid clean, fresh, and full of Light energy.

Each of these Crystals work synergistically to aid, assist and amplify the energies of Abundance and Prosperity. You may work with the crystal Grid image or create your own.

Here’s to Manifesting Our Abundance, Prosperity and Freedom!

With Love and Support,
Wendy Bee.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Crystal Reiki Grid by Wendy Bee @ The Mystik Circle

New Moon Solar Eclipse Crystal Reiki Grid by Wendy Bee @ The Mystik Circle


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