Collective Consciousness New Moon Reiki Healing & Meditation


We’ve changed the time of our Reiki Healing and meditation to noon est.
This weekend is such an energetic time, we felt it important to be in touch with one another.
All those seeking the light, amplifiying the pure vibrational energies, doing inter-personal work, those working with energy grids, mandalas, crystal grids.
All energy workers as well as those seeking to raise their frequency in a safe space.
This call comes from deep within our BEings and within our Earth.
Many are hearing and feeling the call.
We here feel the call profoundly.
An energetic shift is resonating as we go about our days…
in this moment of Now.
Step out side if you can walk barefooted.
Take 5 deep breaths, after each breath….
is not serving you.
Stress…no more…
Even if just for the moment take in the moment of everything around you.


How do you feel in your skin?
Breathe in life…
Breathe out all toxins…..

Now have some water 

Lots of love, light, blessings, heart-felt well wishes.
We Are One Collective Peace…One for All and All for One!


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