Fractal Meditation II – A Meditation for Peace We Could All Use, Created by One of Our Own – SockCutter

This is wonderful! A meditation for Peace. All of these beautiful souls working on an energetic level for the betterment of the World.
Many Blessings to All. May There be Peace, Light, Freedom, and Healing for All.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

I find this meditation quickly slows me down and connects me to positive energy and to the universe. Everyone, of course, would be free to use their own meditation format and to meditate in their own way.

After this short video helps us to find our own inner positive, peaceful energy, I would think we then could each take time to meditate for a few minutes on our intention of a PEACEFUL WORLD.  Sometimes, I think if we can just feel this peacefulness and put it into the quantum field, it will be quite enough.

It’s hard to decide on a specific time for this . . . but I would suggest perhaps before we get into the busy-ness of our day in order to set the right tone, and in the evening before we sleep. In this way, there would be a constant wave of peaceful intention circling the…

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