10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

So many of us get caught up in the daily grind of tasks, care-taking, working…

After all, We really are busy, busy busy.

Ultimately, by the end we’re exhausted, and wondering where the time went.

We should think of time well spent for ourselves as an investment. It’s for our greatest benefit; and in the end it’s good for everyone.

Here are 10 simple ways to take care of Yourself:

1.  Get plenty of rest to restore your energy.
     All living things have a rest cycle-it’s natural!

2.  Schedule physical activity into every day.
Even walking for 15 minutes a day reduces high blood pressure.

3.  Eat a healthful diet that includes plenty of fruits and veggies.
This fills your body with pure and natural life force energy.

4.  Take time out each day to do something for yourself.
Put yourself on the To Do List!

5.  Learn healthful ways to manage stress.
Mediation, deep breaths, a short walk all are easy ways to de-stress.

6.  Set realistic goals for what can get done each day.
Key word is realistic. Many of us put try to handle too much.

7.  Drink Plenty of water. Stay hydrated!

8.  Keep a positive outlook.
     The more positive you are, the more positive your daily life will be.

9.  Make time to enjoy family and friends.
Being with the ones you love keep you interconnected.

10. Reward yourself for your accomplishments.
Incentives have a way of keeping you motivated.

There’s nothing wrong with taking sometime out of Our Busy schedule to invest some of that time for ourselves, especially if you tend to take care of the outside world as a priority.  We each need each other to be our best, collectively. have a Great Day and remember to put yourself on Your To Do List. 😉


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