Refocused Consciousness

Hello and Blissful Blessings to Everyone in The Collective!
So much Activity, and Energy, and Chaos…It feels so tangible and dizzying!!!
So much so, it hit me/we/us so hard and swept us off our feet…
Just writing that statement feels like a whirlwind of “stuff” came rushing in.
Many of you may be aware and many may not be aware, and yet others “feel” something’s afoot and aren’t quite what IT is.

Words of Wisdom:
When things get a little turbulent,
One should take a break, step back, adjust and fine-tune what has gone “wonky”. 

During our little hiatus, many “things” and events have happened and continue to happen on so many levels throughout The Collective Consciousness and into your and our individual lives/realities.

I/We have also been quite busy on our Spiritual Evolution.
Recalibrating, Refocusing, and Healing on so many levels and dimensions.

I/We have been busy anchoring Light and Healing energies for ourselves and The Collective and “making dreams come true” behind-the-scenes.

Then whilst reflecting on the last two weeks, I/We experienced a rebirth of sorts.
During this time,
Peace, Gratitude, Renewed Strength and Empowered Energy
flooded my Being.

You in The Collective have given me the strength and resolve to dust myself off and come back…
Stronger, Brighter and Ready to Anchor Columns of
Light, Love, Freedom and Peace!

For this I Am eternally GRATEFUL.

I Am/We are Thankful for your Support, Encouragement, and for Helping me feel Restored and Invigorated when I have waivered.

I/We pray/meditate/Intend with all our hearts a Better way for EVERY “Peace” of Creation.

Some people we encounter don’t Believe as I/We do.
Others Love what I/We do.
Some Do Not UNDERSTAND what I/We do.
I/We Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk of
“that which insults our souls.”

At times this is not an easy thing to do.
I/We take in so much darkness and unhealed elements and
Transmute it to Light for Ourselves and The Collective.
It can leave us feeling depleted, lonely, angry, depressed and uninspired to continue doing the work we really do LOVE.

This is when The Collective’s support, love, and empathy really does renew, restore and heal….
 That’s what We do.
This is called

Empowering every aspect of The Collective to its Greatest Potential with the Upmost Grace, Respect, Integrity and Unconditional Love.
This is what I/We do.

* ~~~~~~~~~~~+++ * +++~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Our Prayer and Wish to The Collective:
Peace, Love, Beauty, and Health to every heart and soul.
May Humungous amounts of
Light and Heart Based Energy from My/Our heart to
Yours and Continue to Flow throughout The Collective!
Many Blissful Blessings and Total Healing Energies Lift and Inspire you Always
With Love Honor, and Respect,
One Collective Peace Refocused Consciousness


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