In Gratitude to the Angels

Hey, It's an angel!

Hey, It’s an angel!

The angelic realm Does exist and the angels DO answer prayers. Here’s my story…

The date was about a week shy of my son’s 4th birthday.  August 21, 2008

He was undergoing testing for delayed developments and other concerns we had.

It was the year before he would be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

I was at work, my husband had a bad back and stayed home with our little one.

I received a phone call from my husband about a 1/2 hour before I was scheduled to leave. In his voice I could tell something wasn’t right.

I tried (as calmly as he could) to tell me that our little one was in the police department and we had to go get him.

Confusion…. panic… guilt… and relief all tried to settle in.

But nothing would make me feel better till we were in each other’s arms again.

Oh, writing this bring me right back to that moment.

Anguish ran through my entire BE-ing as all the possibilities ran through my mind. (There are a number of main streets, man-made lakes and canals near our home and our son loved water and was fascinated by cars).

All the while…
(That’s another story all together)

I tried to remain calm as I picked up my husband to get to the police station.
My husband was devastated, visibly shaken, and distraught.

While we drove there, my husband explained.
He put our little man to take a nap.
He decided to lay down to rest from the pain in his back and fell asleep.

Our little one got up and decided he wanted to take a walk,  and that’s what he did. When my husband woke up and looked for him. He was nowhere to be found.

Keep in mind my son was non-verbal, had behaviors and delays in development he was being tested for. But he had never done this before.

When we got to the police station, I waited for my husband to be “interviewed”. The policeman told my husband he saw our little boy wandering. Our little one was picked up by this policeman and he drove around looking for someone who may have been looking for a lost child. The then took little man to the station.

After questioning my husband, and evaluating the situation, we were permitted to leave with our precious little boy!!!!!

As quick as a flash my husband put a dead bolt on the door so my son couldn’t leave anymore.

I’ve always shown reverence to the angelic realm and the Divine Realm.
I’ve said prayers of thanks and lighted a prayer candle when needed.

After work the very next day I went to the store and bought a bunch of flowers.
I lit a candle and dedicated to the angels and guides that watched over my son.
I never prayed so hard and Thanked my maker so much.

Then I went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

As I passed by the table with the flowers and candle, I can’t tell you the utter surprise and chill that ran through my body when I saw what I saw….

I sobbed and sobbed out of pure happiness and acknowledgement…
The Angels heard my prayers, watched over our precious little boy

And gave us a little “You’re welcome” sign.

I Am here to say…
I Love the Angels,
I have respect for them and
I am forever grateful.

Dedicated to the Angels who lovingly watch over my son.

Dedicated to the Angels who lovingly watch over my son


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