The Golden Beetle

Golden Beetle

Golden Beetle

Animals Totems can bring us messages in the coolest,
weirdest and surprising ways.
Synchronicity at it’s best…What do you think Carl Jung would say?

This amazing little guy came by to visit me about 2 weeks ago.
He (or she) is an adult Golden Tortoise Beetle.
These beetles vary slightly in color but invariably are orange-colored,
often golden metallic, and are sometimes called “goldbugs.”

Golden Beetle

Golden Beetle

The expanded margins around the beetle’s body are not pigmented, appearing nearly transparent.

Golden Beetle Changing colors

Golden Beetle Changing colors

They can change color, looking initially like tiny jewels, or golden ladybugs, but can alter the reflectivity of the cuticle so the outer layers become clear, revealing a ladybug type of red coloring with black spots.

Golden Beetle

Golden Beetle

The tortoise beetle’s colour change is controlled by them, in response to specific events in their environment, such as being poked by a curious human or stumbling upon a willing mate. In this case, the flashing of the camera was annoying him. (LOL)


This color change is accomplished by microscopic valves controlling the moisture levels under the shell.
Here you’ll see where it’s left some of the color changing fluid.
Then he flew away…

I felt blessed to be visited by this curious little fellow. God truly is an Artist!

For those who follow animal medicine and/or animal totems. This was pretty interesting…

Beetle/Ladybug’s Wisdom Meaning:

*  Carries the Golden Strand that leads to the Center of the Universe

*  Past lives

*  Spiritual enlightenment

*  Death and Rebirth


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