Ho’oponopono * Feel the Love

Ho'oponopono-Healp Heal Everyone and Yourself.

Ho’oponopono-Healp Heal Everyone and Yourself.

Ho’oponopono, sometimes referred to as simply ho’opono, is a concept, a value and a related set of practices that have been used in Hawaiian and other Polynesian cultures for  centuries to support harmonious relationships between people, nature and Spirit. Specific ho’oponopono practices have developed over time and they continue to evolve to this day.  Harmony in one’s external relationships begins by establishing harmony between one’s own body mind and spirit.

 Next time you use Ho’oponopono cleaning mantra while being next to or thinking about some person, especially pronouncing “I love you” words – try to actually feel the love. Turn on your emotional love energy on a feeling level. Feel this love energy coming to life within you.

ho'oponopono mantra

This is the essence of “active” practice: actually adding the feeling of Love to Ho’oponopono mantra work. Emotional charge strengthen the cleaning and healing effect for yourself as well as for the other person. Nothing heals more powerfully and on a very deep levels as unconditional love. Add “feeling love” step to your daily Ho’oponopono practice and enjoy the wonderful results!

More Healing with Ho’oponopono

As you may or may not know water is a purifier, cleanser and magnifier.

When water and Ho’oponopono are combined, you create a strong cleansing tool.

Colors also bring certain qualities for healing. Each color represents a certain part of the body. The chakra system of the body synchronistically works through color.

By using a colored glass container you add yet another layer of healing.
You’ll be better able to cleanse your vessel (body) inside and out.

Here’s a simple way to do this:

Blue Solar Water

Blue solar water is a big cleaning tool and very easy to make.

To make it, you need a blue glass or bottle. Any shade of blue will do.

You put it in the sun for an hour.

If you are just using a glass, you need to cover the top with anything but metal, as bugs and others are attracted to this pure water.

After an hour sun-bathing, the solar water is pure and ready to drink.

You may drink it, rinse with it, cook with it, shower with it, or put it in the fridge for later.

COMING SOON: How to make and work with crystals and solar water.

Hope you enjoyed this information. Try it and tell us about your experience. Have a blessed, healthy and peaceful day everyone!



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