A Call to The Collective

Sending out a call ….

 To The Collective ALL LightWorkers, Light-Bringers, LightWarriors, Earth Angels,
Be-ings of Light, and All who resonate in anchoring
Peace, Love, Healing, Balance, Justice, Truth and Freedom.

Please Join Us from Anywhere You are!

MARCH 20TH 2013



Join Us!/events/596201193728734/

Small Acts Multiplied can transform the world

Small Acts Multiplied can transform the world

Many people are in service to others in a myriad of ways lately.
So many of us are helping to feed the hungry.
Many are getting informed about issues that were once hidden.
Still so many others are rolling up their sleeves to do the “dirty-work”.
Thank you all for the work that you do and the integrity you inbody.

Another part of service to others, are the many who selflessly expose wrong-doing and corruption.  Just google the term “whistle-blower” and you will have enough reading for quite some time.

Darkness goes away in the light.
That being said, for the light and integrity to become the norm again; that which is “dark” must be exposed to the light.

People seeking to bring truth out to the public, should not be persecuted. Technologies that are meant to help society should not be kept a secret.
And manipulations to benefit the few over the many should not be tolerated.
All of these are just a few of the very issues we become aware of every day.

These are all situations in need of light, protection, wisdom, love, peace and most of all healing.

i pledge to the Earth

Many groups have organized group/global meditations, candle light vigils, fasts, flashmobs, energy healing, Reiki, meetings, ect.
We have gathered collectively and individually. We have meditated, prayed, set intentions, danced, sang, for the greatest good and growth of all creation.
The beautiful thing about it is…..
There are so many ways to bring this into fruition.

 The energetic healing we have All been DO-ing is working
and Earth is responding!

Each time a group meditates, prays, sets intentions based in the heart chakra, the earth’s resonance (magnetic field) adjusts and fluctuates.

This is such a beautiful phenomena.

It has become clear to many of us, this healing energy work must continue.
This ripple is becoming a HUGE tsunami wave.

Now is the time to build momentum in helping to heal the planet, its inhabitants, and all in creation.
Team Light Planetary Mission (video)

We are calling on as many groups to get together for :
The Global Light Groups Alliance: Quantum Healing Energy Event
Beginning February 21 @ 12noon EST
Until February 23  @ 12 midnight EST
Join us at between these dates and times.
(At ANY time for ANY amount of time you

_____________UPDATE __________
We will be repeating this event on MARCH 20th 2013Click to “JOIN”!/events/596201193728734/

~~~~~~~ Special note: ~~~~~~~
*** Feb. 21 Day 1 Divine Light Energy Grid Work***

*** Feb 22 Day 2 Meditaion, Prayer, Intention and***
***Visualization and Energy Grid Light Work.*** 

Here are just a few of the many ways you can participate
* Sing * Dance * Celebrate Earth *
* Play an instrument *
* Take your shoes off and walk barefoot where ever you are *
* Practice  Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Warrior Breathing *
* Work with Energy, Reiki, Meridian and Grid Work *
* Set a Crystal Grid, Energy Grid, Kundalini Grid Work *
So many ways…Be/Do Something good from your heart!
Raise the vibration from within yourself,  for yourself and everyone around you!

Honor, Celebrate, Intend, Visualize And it Will Be Done !

Let’s synchronize as many groups as possible.
We will meet virtually in our spaces (as many have done before.)

We are all doing the same work in our individual groups and expanding the possibilities of healing on a larger scale.
“There is strength in numbers.”
We will include all the groups in this Alliance.

Names of All the groups will be added here and on the facebook page (unless you wish to remain anonymous). 
Just let us know on the facebook event page:!/events/596201193728734/

 *** Global Alliance Groups ***

One Collective Peace
Team Light (Video credit Lenka Cosmic Tiger)

~~~~~~~~~~~{ { { %~*~*~{{{~*~}}}~*~*~% } } }~~~~~~~~~~~


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