Empower your Words

EMPOWER your words because words have power!

EMPOWER your words because words have power!

W O R D S    H A V E    P O W E R !

After several conversations with a variety of people, a common thread became rather clear. “What might that be?” You ask.
The common thread is Communication.
More specifically….Words and the POWER words have.

       On a daily basis we speak to our peers, loved ones, friends, ect face to face.
We email and text each other, all the while subconsciously “creating” our reality with every word that is uttered and every thought running in our minds.

“I just want PEACE!”

Recently, a friend was venting about the stress situation at home.
My friend started, “It seems so chaotic, noisy and negative at home. Sometimes on the drive home from work I sit in the car and just pray that my spouse won’t come home in a bad mood, yelling and upset. It makes the children all uptight. I just want peace at home.”

Words really do have power and it’s not what you say;
it’s HOW you say it.”

I explained to her just that. “it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.
Try this affirmation instead:
(insert name here)  IS in a good mood.
There IS peace at home.
I am in peace.
_____ is in peace.”
I feel calm and everyone at home IS calm.”

By saying, “I hope my spouse is not in a bad mood” you’ve already opened the possibility of a bad mood by stating what you don’t want.

Words spoken in what you DO want is the key to a more positive outlook and outcome to things and situations that normally would stress us.

Shhh! or the voices in my head will have to shout!

Shhh! or the voices in my head will have to shout!

The other thing to consider is our thoughts.
The mind is abuzz with endless, senseless chatter.
It makes up scenarios.
It “freaks us out”.
Fear and anger are seemingly everywhere. And everyone’s out to get us, so we gotta get them before they get us.

In another conversation, someone said to me,
” I heard that 3 people are going to get fired where I’m working.
I think I’m getting fired because I’m the most recently hired person.”

I asked her, “Why are you inviting this possibility?”
Across her face came a confused look.

I continued, “Don’t you work hard, come in early, stay late, and meet all your deadlines? AND didn’t you tell me the office manager likes your work?”

She said “yes” to each question.

With an encouraging smile I asked,
“Okay, so why are you inviting this outcome?”

The A-ha moment washed over her face as the lightbulb went off in her head!  ❤
(And BE-ing the music addict that I Am…”Hallelujah” played in my head for the rest of the day. ( LOL 🙂 )

Do you empower your words with negativity, anger, or success and positivity?

Words are energy; Use wisely.

Words are energy; Use wisely.

One thing to keep in mind, where your words “coming from”.
Did you blurt out words based from a reaction/emotion?
Do/did you say or think in “freak out” mode?
Do/did act or speak in fear?
Quite simple “Don’t feed the beast!”.
Meaning don’t give extra energy to the negatively perceived situation/person.
Take a few minutes to breathe, and “feel” in your body the reality of your role in any given conversation (even the ones you have with yourself).
Speak from a place in calm and clearly thought out words.

Words should not be used as weapons intended to provoke anything.

When we constantly tell ourselves or our loved ones that they are no good, that they are stupid, we instill this thought into their mind and heart and it becomes reality to them and to us. Instead, run your words and thoughts through your heart FIRST.

Before you speak THINK.

Before you speak THINK.

Phrases like the following will lift the heart and mind and restore life:
My words work for me.
I fill them with a power that cannot be resisted.
I fill my words with faith and love.
My words bless.
My words heal.
My words lead my loved ones into victory.
My words charge the atmosphere of my home with faith and love.
I am a winner,
I am a champion,
I Am the healed of the Lord,
I walk in righteousness, integrity, peace.
I Am a new creation.
The old inner person is gone and the new person is Here and Present .

What we say and think makes a difference in our life. Our words are the keys to abundant life. Unlock the door to your life of abundance by keeping a watch on what you say and think.
May blissful blessings fill your heart, home, place and space always !


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