A Transformational Journey

artsy tree
As theses words flow freely and easily onto this page, a new state of consciousness has come to fruition. Which means this blog will also shift into what it was always meant to be…
The Transformational Journey to a Higher State of Consciousness.
Simply stated, this blog began with the intention and a passionate desire to tell everyone what was going on in the world TRUTHFULLY. 
This was to be a place to present news that was not being reported or news that was not being reported with integrity/truth.  
After all news is SUPPOSED to be honest.
 News is SUPPOSED to inform people of the situations around the world and in our backyards with integreity and without bias.
To my “initial shock”,  this was not the case. 
This was the fiery fuel igniting the initial quest to bring integrity back to the news arena by publishing and bringing truth into lighted forefront.
This went really well for a time.  Helping to disperse the truth and information is a daunting task of checking sources and making every effort to repot the REAL information yet stay balanced enough to gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully) the day to day mutitude of tasks.
I slowly realized that there are already people handling the “news situation”  truthfully and with integrity. They covered far more than I ever could and much better, too.
Then gradually came the realization…
With the reality of how much needs to be worked on and taken care of….Is this really where my focus should be?


TIME to continue this journey with a new focus,
with a BREATH OF FRESH AIR, if you will.
Please take a walk on this
Transformational Journey to a Higher State of Consciousness with
One Collective Peace.
So with these words…..
Welcome to the newly refocused  One Collective Peace

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