One Collective Meditation 12-9-12

energetic waterfall

Waterfalls of Toroidal Energies

One Collective Crystal Grid Meditation 9PM on 12/9/12.

One Collective Meditation Intention For Protection, Freedom, Love, Purity, Truth, Honesty and Peace for ALL Whistleblowers and ALL humanity.

Please join us, One Collective Peace at 9pm tonight in meditation, prayer, moment of silence, and/or anyway you feel inspired.
With this energy grid in mind, Send your energies of peace and freedom, and love to all of these brave souls.
Together we can amplify the waves of vibrational energy to shift any situation in favor of the greatest good.

(Our impromptu invitation.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I’m buzzing like a live wire after this beautiful impromtu group meditation. Strong, pure, cleansing, and strong energy showered us like the niagra falls going through a toroidal vortex!

God bless and protect each and everyone of you who participated. Thank you for sharing your collective energy with and for the whistle blowers, and those who continue bringing truth and intergity to this time, place and space.

Special mention and special blessings to those who have died in their march for truth.

Peace, Freedom, Love, Integrity, Honesty, Prosperity, Abundance, Protection, and Clarity to All Humanity.

May this cleansing and protecting energy pour onto all truthseekers, truth exposers, and whistleblowers so they may be forever protected, FREED, and blessed.

In deep gratitude to you all.

One Collective Meditation 12-9-12

One Collective Meditation 12-9-12

Special thank you and gratitude to Spiritual Feeling on Facebook for helping One Collective Peace get the Collective group together. Namste my brother.
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