Perfectly stated. And I totally agree. I backed off from writing my blog for the very reasons you stated. Thank you for the confirmation per se. Thank you for sharing everything you have on your blog.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

If I have to publish one more article on what is going on in the world, I think I will be sick to my stomach! We all know what is going on, and if we don’t the day-to-day history recorded on my blog should tell it all. There are other good sites that are doing what I did, so go there. We know there isn’t going to be atomic war allowed against Iran. We know the sickness of the United States/Israel’s involvement in Syria. How much more do we need to know before we become total addicts?

I just can’t do it anymore, friends, and I’m not going to! I’m unhooking from the Matrix because it’s already dead! It’s done; it’s over. I’m moving on – and I’m inviting you to come along with me!

Lia Strell is now creating her own world! (See article just below.) Somehow, she has…

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