The Universe, Time Travel, Quarks and The Collider

Pardon my lack of eloquence…

This video…

In a word…

A m a z i n g .

Serendipity and Synchronicity have struck yet again. Imagine my surprise; My husband and I were having a conversation about how time lines work and how I/we believe that we perceive space, time and space/time. While having said conversation the TV was on channel History 2 (H2). My hunney notices the screen and tells me, “Look!” It so happened the very thing we were talking about was being explained “scientifically”. We both just stared at each other.

I love how Serendipity and synchronicity work!!!




In case you asked, “What’s a quark?” I’m glad you asked (LOL).

A quark (/ˈkwɔrk/ or /kwɑrk/) is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components of atomic nuclei. Due to a phenomenon known as color confinement, quarks are never directly observed or found in isolation; they can only be found within baryons or mesons.For this reason, much of what is known about quarks has been drawn from observations of the hadrons themselves.  from:

Well, anyway, just wanted to share some information I know many of you will totally appreciate!

If you want some additional info on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator, click this link:


3 responses to “The Universe, Time Travel, Quarks and The Collider

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  2. Great post. I love serendipity, and I can just image you and your hubby staring at each other… Amazing timing.

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