David Icke Projected onto the Houses of Parliament – the TRUTH (Reblog from AmericanKabuki)

Subtle as a Brick

 (Reblog from AmericanKabuki)

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Subtle as a brick and very very funny…photonic graffiti?  Its not like it destroys property does it? Can’t get arrested for vandalism because photons are every bit as ephemeral as the free speech they can contain!  OWS needs a laser machine that projects text and images. Saw one of those once at Stone Mountain Georgia glorifying Confederate Generals on that massive granite cliff face.  Oh this leads to all kinds of possibilities and interesting night time protests! Rent a blimp and project that protest on the 30 Rockefeller Plaza! There’s got to be lots of young physicists in OWS that could quickly cook up some sort of laser device!
David Icke posted these images to his web site.  I lived in England for 2 years of my adult life.  Usually its us Americans, yes us “rude bloody Yanks”, who are known bluntness. Something about both Yanks and Aussies that is highly irreverent.  But this is from a Brit in the land of stiff upper lips suffering in silence while kissing Royal asses!  It just isn’t done!
Well, why not I suppose?  It’s clear the usual protesting is pretty much a joke these days in the eyes of the elites with “free speech zones”, city public permitting processes for organized protests, busting young people’s heads in the name of “sanitation and public health” and police agents provocateurs busting up property and blaming it on protesters as in Oakland.
Time for the unconventional. Time for performance art as protest.  Icke dishes that new  form of protest in spades in these photos of  a recent night time stunt on Parliament.

                                   This is priceless!!! 

Please circulate far and wide …
This is the link to send:
There are topics on David Icke’s site that I can’t find evidence for, but most of what he writes about the Cabal has factual evidence.  I allow for things that I can’t yet grasp as being possible (or not). I don’t expect everyone to believe what I believe so don’t hold me to David Icke’s views, they are his own and he has every right to express them.  He is clearly a man of his convictions.

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