it’s nice to share this common feeling! thanks for this!

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This may apply to no one else besides myself, but I’ll tell you anyway.

Right now I am feeling rather lost. Almost like drifting, just staying afloat, not really going anywhere. Like in a grand ocean, treading water, but staying on the surface, not diving under, just there… on the surface. That’s it.

This feels like a phase just before getting lifted out of the water, and going up to a craft in the air, like a helicopter. And after getting up there, what a view! So completely different than being in the water down there. And a heck of a lot more fun.

You know, I also have absolutely no desire to find a standard work situation anymore. As it is, just like the “treading water” scenario, I’ve been getting occasional music jobs, and selling a CD or two here and there. Just enough to pay most of the…

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