David Wilcock 4-5-12…”MASS ARRESTS: David Interviews Drake — Transcript!” (and a lot more!!)

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Well, I was just going to “whip” this up there, and then quickly leave to go to town. BUT… then I actually started reading this, and there is a lot more here than meets the initial eye. This is more of an article in itself, with a lot of information at the beginning leading up to the actual transcript.

So I’m posting the beginning part of the a article here, and the rest of the transcript is linked at the end. Or just click the title below to read it at David’s site. And many kudos to the transcribers!!

[And a PS: I remind those who want CDs of the interview may either download the wav files here and burn your own, or purchase a set of CDs here]


MASS ARRESTS: David Interviews Drake — Transcript!

Thousands of top conspirators in finance, media, pharmaceuticals and government are about…

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