What The Frack? The Ed Show Tells It Like It Is


And we’ve seen the dangers caused by fracking (tap water on fire, for example), but can it be done in a safe way?  Ed askd Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo and Director/Founder of “”

‘Natural Gas Exxposed’ tells the stories of Americans whose lives have been devastated by gas drilling.

The Video ExxonMobil Doesn’t Want You To See

March 30, 2012 | by Zack Malitz In fracking, Natural Gas Exxposed

A message from Mark Ruffalo:

“Friends –

I’m pleased to unveil Water Defense’s new campaign: Natural Gas Exxposed.

Natural Gas Exxposed tells the stories of Americans whose lives have been devastated by gas drilling. All across the country, gas companies are poisoning water, tearing apart communities and destroying the American dream for thousands of families who can’t protect their children from what comes out of the tap.

But this reckless disregard of the health of American families can only continue if no one is watching. Join me in sounding the alarm. We need to make sure that everyone sees this video. Share it on Facebook and Twitter, email it to thirty of your friends and tell everyone you see tomorrow to go to our website and watch Natural Gas Exxposed.

We can save our country from gas drilling, but we have to act now. As I write this, elected officials in Washington are working to invest hundreds of billions of dollars converting our economy to natural gas. Once we become dependent on gas, the suffering of communities like Dimock, Pennsylvania will become the norm.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. We can power our economy on 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. Instead of gas wells that poison the air with benzene gas and contaminate water with methane, we’d have windmills and solar panels that create high-paying jobs.

This is our choice to make: Exxon’s profits or the health of our communities. 

In the coming months, Water Defense will uncover the truth about the hazards of natural gas and create opportunities to involve your local community in the fight against gas drilling. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our email list to stay in the loop.  

Thanks,  Mark Ruffalo”

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