The Sabotaging Voices in Your head

How many times have you experienced this scenario:

“Oh I’m sooo angry at _____.  When I see him/her  I’ll tell him/her this and give him a piece of my mind.  And if he/she says this I’ll say this. Then we’ll see how they like it.”

The record in your head plays on and on.

Meanwhile, you’re frustrated, nothing is resolved, and you just wasted time on something that brings you dis-ease. In the process, you added another “justification” of why you should be mad at ____. All the while groing more upset and stressed.

STOP! stop… stop… stop… you say!!!  Enough!

Now, really, what proof you have that so-and-so is conspiring against you? Do you know for sure? Is it worth wasting time and energy over something other than spending time creating joy, peace and happiness?

All of this “noise” circling in your head” is sabotaging the potential heaven on earth you so really want.

The Voice of Knowledge in my Head has a Life of its Own

Where did the voice come from and why is it so hard to make it be quiet? Do you ever notice the voice in your head has a lot of self-judgments? How come when I try to turn off the voice in my head it doesn’t seem to work?

For most people the mind has developed into something that does incessant describing, comparing, and judging. When I didn’t have any awareness I didn’t notice how busy it was all the time. When I noticed it, I just assumed that it was me thinking. I didn’t think of my thinking as judgmental. I just thought that my opinions were the right ones. Because I was comfortable with my opinions for a long time they didn’t bother me. But then in times of stress when the voice in my head would keep me up at night, I began to notice things were out of balance.

Most everyone has this type of chatter in their mind to varying degrees. The difference is that some people identify with it, and feel it is them. Other people realize that their mind  has taken on a life of its own and decide to do something about it.

One of the most helpful things in this process of quieting the voice in your head (the Voice) is to realize where it came from and what it is doing there. Understanding the origin of the Voice will help you let go of judgmental reactions during this process.  Understanding your own thinking is so important that my mentor don Miguel Ruiz wrote The Voice of Knowledge devoted to this subject.

Let go of the Judgments about the Voice

Whether you realize it or not the voice in your head has been doing the very best it could to guide you to be happy and successful. However it has been operating on an outdated set of guidelines that no longer apply. It’s intent has always been for our happiness, however it’s methods have become exaggerated to the point of being abusive.

Understanding this is a big step towards quieting that Voice. It will allow you to let go of your complaints and judgments about the fallen angel. Recognizing that it did the very best that it could will help break the judgments you have about that Voice. With an understanding that it never meant you any harm comes the opportunity for acceptance and compassion. Acceptance and compassion for your self is an important first step towards the redemption of a fallen angel that lives in your head.

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