Unconditional Love is a Very Powerful Link

Love is a very powerful link

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.”  -Martin Luther King Jr.

Unconditional love is a term that means to love someone regardless of their actions or beliefs. It is a concept comparable to true love, a term which is more frequently used to describe love between lovers. By contrast, unconditional love is frequently used to describe love between family members, comrades in arms and between others in highly committed relationships. In conditional love: love is ‘earned’ on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions being met by the lover, whereas in unconditional love, love is ‘given freely’ to the loved one ‘no matter what’. Loving first. Conditional love requires some kind of finite exchange, whereas unconditional love is seen as infinite and measureless.

It has also been used in religious context to describe God’s love for humankind.  Pope John Paul II was recorded as saying during a homily in San Francisco, in September 1987, that God “loves us all with an unconditional, everlasting love”.

The civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was quoted as saying “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality”.

“Unconditional love separates the individual from her or his behaviors. The individual is loved unconditionally as a “perfect” child of the Higher Power. However, the individual may exhibit behaviors that are unacceptable in a particular situation. To begin with a simple example: one acquires a puppy. The puppy is cute, playful, and the owner’s heart swells with love for this new family member. Then the puppy urinates on the floor. The owner does not stop loving the puppy, but needs to modify the behavior through training and education.”

“…Put the effort into paving your way so that it is a pathway of complete Light and Love. It is much easier to do it than you probably imagine, it just needs a little thought and perseverance. If you slip up try to do better next time and you will almost certainly succeed. You will actually feel yourself becoming detached from the old vibrations and they will no longer have any pull on you. Remember also that you are helped all along the way, inspired and urged ever onwards in the Light. As you do so, your ego will have less influence over what you do, although it has been programmed by you to be loyal to self. That often means putting yourself first in situations where you would be best advised to think before you act. Giving of yourself to others will show that you understand the Oneness Of All That Is.

Give yourself time for self-reflections, growth and your inner needs, Unselfishly.

Love is a very powerful link that cannot be broken and will bring you together again. You have many, many things on your minds in these times of much change. However, please leave time for your own needs, and do not neglect your obligation to your own life plan. Most souls will have an instinctive feeling as to why they are here and it is important as you have your lessons to learn. Finding a balance is essential and then you can go onwards without feeling pressurized, knowing that you are fulfilling your own needs as well as others. You will soon know when you have found it, as life takes on a new meaning and flows by much more smoothly.

Another important point that needs to be understood: Let go of hatred where another soul is concerned. By your way of thinking you may have good cause to feel that way, but it will hold you back all of the time. Be prepared to be magnanimous and “forgive” those that you believe have sinned against you. That is the greatest action and greatest act of unconditional love you could possibly make, and it also considerably helps the other soul involved.

Think about it and make your peace with each other.  It’s just that simple.



4 responses to “Unconditional Love is a Very Powerful Link

  1. I am unable to read articles online very often, but I’m glad I did today. This is very well written and your points are well-expressed. Please, don’t ever stop writing.

    • Gratitude. 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment. Unconditional love is truly a wonderful common link amongst us. After all we all want to feel loved, cared for, and safe. The best part is we can all participate. Thanks again for your encouragement. And may light, love and peace surround you everywhere you go! 🙂 Blessings and love to you. ❤

  2. i was just browsing along and came upon your blog. just wantd to say excellent website and this post actually helped me.

    • I’m very happy to know that it helped you. It just takes a spark of inspiration to help make the world a much brighter place. You just helped make it that much brighter. 🙂 Thanks for your comment. Peace be with you and all.

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