The Best Ironic Statement GMO Foods: Why We Shouldn’t Label (Or Worry About) Genetically Modified Products

GMO vs. OrganicThe Best Ironic Statement  

GMO Foods: Why We Shouldn’t Label (Or Worry About) Genetically Modified Products

This is a topic that really “grinds my gears” : The GMO discussion. I tend to read and research till my head reaches maximum capacity on this topic. I am no doctor or scientist, but I can tell you I have 21 years pharmacy experience, 8 year GMO researcher and lifetime spiritual truth seeker amongst other things.  I believe in the fiber of my being that everyone has the free-will right to know what is really going into their food, water, environment, ect. I believe we have the right to decide for ourselves what we want. If God has to “abide by the free will law” then, why don’t humans give that same respect to each other in this same manner? If there isn’t anything wrong with GMO food, then why shouldn’t they be labeled as such?

Cameron English wrote and article titled :GMO Foods: Why We Shouldn’t Label (Or Worry About) Genetically Modified Products(1). I read the article which left a bad taste in my mouth. Cameron cited the work of  Steven Savage.  Steven Savage also believes there is no need to label GMO’s. So who is Steven Savage?

Steve Savage is a scientist (PhD Plant Pathology) with more than thirty years of diverse experience with crops and agricultural technologies.

He has worked on everything from biological controls to chemicals to genetics to biotechnology. He has worked for a university (Colorado State), a large company (Du Pont), a small company (Mycogen) and for the last 13 years as an independent consultant.(2)

An independent consultant??!!?? How can he be an independent consultant when he’s worked with GMO companies for so long? Do you believe there’s bias here? He says, “no need to label GMO’s”, don’t concern yourself with something so unimportant.” Really?

Just an afterthought:

Working in pharmacy, one of the things that was instilled in us was to check, double check, and triple check for drug interactions. Any interactions were reported to the pharmacist, doctor, AND patient. Deep in my fiber I believe that there can be interactions between these GMO’s. Now I realize that hardly qualifies for anything scientific, but I think that it warrents enough to research objectively. We check and can get tested for all sorts of allergies and sensitivities. What about GMO’s?

Food for thought. 🙂

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